If you're looking for a new job to ring in the new year the City of San Angelo is hiring!

Fifteen different full-time vacancies along with 3-part time positions have opened.

The jobs range from managerial to entry level status. The director of human resources Lisa Marley says there is never a shortage of openings.

The city is also constantly recruiting for police officers and fire fighters.

The hr director says, "we can teach you what you need to do and you can promote up. We've had a lot of employees with a lot of years of service with us, they come here and they make a career out of it then stay for 20-30 years and it's really terrific."

Marley adds that starting January 1st they will no longer take hard copy applications for non-civil service positions.

But you can log on to the city's website at cosatxdot.com and apply for a position on there.