The winter season is bringing out the coats and beanies, but that doesn't mean that's the only thing you can wear

"Suede and velvet are two you don't want to miss this season," said Jessica Chesshire, co-owner of Carriage.

The boutique has been open for almost 50 years. With the ever-changing weather in West Texas, one tip for any person dressing for winter is to wear layers

"Layers are good on everyone," Chesshire said. "Then you can loose a layer if its too hot, add a layer if it is too cold so i think the more layers, the better."

The National Weather Service says dressing appropriately can help you beat wind chill. Wearing warm clothes can reduce heat loss as well as prevent frostbite

However, that does not mean you can't be fashionable while you do it.

"I love leggings with oversized tops, jackets, flannels and i am a cardigan junkie," Chesshire said.

For men, stylists suggest wearing a flannel shirt because the fabric is thicker. They also said to keep a good pair of dark jeans in your closet because of the heavier fabric.

Chesshire said it's ultimately up to your personal style on what you wear for the winter. You just want to make sure you stay warm.