Deer season is among us, but before you go out for a hunt, Texas Game Wardens have a few reminders and helpful tips.

One tip is to attend a hunter's education course.

"I recommend if you never done it before going to an in person course," Brent Baylin, hunter and San Angelo resident, said. "They do them over the weekend for six to eight hours."

Another tip is to apply for a hunting license.

"The biggest issue when it comes to hunting is that hunters don't know they need hunter's education," Cynde Aguilar, Texas Game Warden, said. "What that is hunter's education training course that everyone under the age of 17 has to have."

Aguilar also reminds hunters no matter what age, your child will need a hunting license.

She says that once you catch that deer, you need put a tag with your name on the deer.

The season kicks on on November 4.