A new virtual training simulator will put training police officers in a real-life situations.

"It puts them through different scenarios where they have to make decision," said Sheriff David Jones of the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office, "They have to talk, they have to do things," he said.

The training simulator, called "Vitra" is the first of its kind here in the Concho Valley. It was purchased through a grant given by homeland security.

The Sheriff's office said the new system will also be more economical than going to an actual shooting range.

"Its costs about half a penny, half a cent per shot whereas your looking at 20-25 cents a round for a 40 caliber," said Graham Smith, patrol deputy and firearm instructor.

The system has about 150 scenarios you can go through. The system was made to be as realistic, as possible.

"They've had technicians go frame by frame and they've outlined each megapixel within the face, the body, the torso," Smith said. "Any place where you can shoot on a human," he said.

The Sheriff's office says they plan on starting the training later this month. They also plan on upgrading the equipment to include taser training. It will give officers a real-life look at how it feels to get shocked.