Almost two weeks since the Cyber Monday shopping frenzy, people are beginning to notice a delay in their packages. UPS says some package deliveries are being delayed because of an unexpected flood of orders from online shoppers after Thanksgiving.

“The volume has really picked up over the holidays,” said Leticia Harper, co-manager of UPS in San Angelo.

Here in the Concho Valley it's not just the volume of packages slowing down delivery times, but also the bad weather.

In a statement to USA Today, UPS said they're adding an extra two-day wait period for holiday buys to arrive.

“It’s not a guarantee. Most [likely] it will be there the day that we tell you but if not then the following day just cause of the volume," said Harper.UPS store owner Lorry Minor says the delay in West Texas is not too bad but it's still a problem.

“What we're seeing is a lot of phone calls because people on the San Angelo side are waiting for their packages to get here," said Minor.

Minor adds the hold ups will increase as we push toward Christmas. So, if you’ve got more shopping and shipping to do, you'll want to do it sooner than later.

“If you wait past December 21st you’re really taking a chance," said Minor.

UPS says to ship by December 21st if you want something delivered before Christmas.

“Don’t count on coming in here on December 23rd and it make it on Christmas Eve," said Minor.Minor stresses to guarantee your stuff gets where it’s going, just be ahead of the game and be prepared.