The U.S. Department of Transportation is converting to Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) from paper logs for commercial vehicles.

"I've operated for over five million miles without an electric logging device," said Steve Flora, co-owner of Steve Flora Trucking.

The department is converting from a paper logging system, to an electronic logging device, or ELD. The product will monitor how long truckers are on the road, as well as remind them when to take a break.

"They are talking a major expense," Flora said. "Several thousands of dollars for one poor old owner operator to try to conform and have an ELD in his truck."

The new mandate could ultimately affect consumers.

"Everything we haul which is everything you own," Flora said. "That price

is moved along,"

Flora said large trucking corporations can use them since they have less-experienced drivers. But here in West Texas, Flora said it is a different kind of trucking

"The large companies cannot come in and replace us, they just don't operate the way we do," Flora said. "This is not well planned this is not well organized."

The new mandate went into effect in December, but Governor Abbott has extended the start date to 2019. Flora said there are people lobbying in Washington and lawyers are at work to expose the possible holes

KIDY has reached out to the local DMV for a comment, but has not heard back yet.