As you may have noticed, our Senora Scott is always getting into something this time, it was the pool. But it wasn't for fun. She got to participate in survival training with the game wardens and takes you along.

"It's going to be very physically taxing,” Lt. Game Warden Jason Jones said.

Lt. Game warden and officer water survival training instructor Jason Jones wasn't kidding.

"Every game warden in the state has to go through this,” Jones said.

Game wardens from across Texas came to San Angelo to go through this training and I got the chance to jump in with them.

"This is exactly what we carry but it's a metal mold...
The weight’s the same?
The weight's the same,” Jones said.

So I suited up, but you won't find any swim suits here...

"11 to 15 pounds depending on what gear you have on,” Jones said.

The game wardens go through this training in full uniform.

"We work around the lakes, rivers, docks, ponds,” Jones said.

So the odds of ending up in the water are great. Anything from being ejected from a boat to getting pushed or pulled in the water by a person who's up to no good.

"We're gonna teach defensive techniques to disengage that subject or get out of that situation that's threatening to us,” Jones said.

They started with breathing techniques - stretching the lungs and learning to slow their heart-rate...and nerves.

"Take away that oh wow factor, that surprise factor in our minds, have a muscle memory of been there done that type of situation that they could get out and survive,” Jones said.

Then it was time to tread water and learn different ways to swim. Now that may seem like two easy tasks and it might be...if you're not in full gear.

"The difference between their dry weight and when they get out of the pool?
They generally gain 16-18 pounds,” Jones said.

After completing this training, they'll be certified and can have some peace of mind that if a situation goes south, they can revert back to what they learned here. Because in the end they all have the same goal.

"Go home each and every night,” Jones said.