Fire Chief Honored for 30 years of Service

Fire Chief Honored for 30 years of Service

Abilene, TX -- Fire Chief Ken Dozier was honored with 30 years of service at City Council.  He started in 1984, but fire fighting was in his blood long before that.

"My dad was a fireman here in Abilene," Chief Dozier said. "He was actually in the very first academy that Abilene ever had.  He started in 1958 and I was born in 1959 so really, I have been exposed to the fire department before I was ever born." 

To Chief Dozier, it's a special kind of something that feeds the flame at the Abilene Fire Department.

"I get to work with some amazing people both within the fire department and within the entire city organization," he explains. 

"There's just a bond that develops, especially within the fire department when you spend this much time, and you're through some of the things we go through together.   It's by far the people I work with that make this job special."

But it hasn't been an easy 30 years.  The Chief talked about some of the hard times that come with the job.

"Some of the emergency calls that you make that you can never get out of your head.  You learn to deal with them, you learn to go on, but I still, to this day, can think of some calls that I made, especially when they involve young children. That's probably the hardest part, but it's also what makes this job so unique. They call us on their worst day and believe that we can make it better. "

Chief Dozier says three decades have flown by and offers a word of advice to the rookies.

"You blink your eyes and you're looking at it from the other angle, so I hope they enjoy it, I hope they enjoy the ride as much as I have."

He says none of this could've been done without the support of his family. 

"I've got an amazing wife.  Kayla and I got married the year before I was hired and you just look back on it and see that it's really a partnership," he said.

"I kid around with everybody and say Kayla is my Chief, and I would just like to acknowledge the role our spouses play in this career."

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