Southwest Jones County Residents fed up with Taxes

Southwest Jones County Residents fed up with Taxes

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Members of the Southwest Jones County Tax Payers Revolt Members of the Southwest Jones County Tax Payers Revolt

ABILENE, TX- "We're fed up, and we've had all that we're gonna take," said Darrell Ueckert a resident in Jones County.  For the past 40 years residents in Jones County have been paying taxes to the Hamlin Hospital District which many say doesn't serve them at all.
"It's just a lot of resentment that our tax money just goes for absolutely no services," said Marla Flint another tax payer in Jones County. Several resident have created a group which they call the Southwest Jones County Tax Payer Revolt. "We have no interest whatsoever in closing their hospital, their ambulance service or their clinic, none whatsoever, we just don't want to have to pay for it", said Ueckert.

He said Hamlin voted to establish the hospital but the people south of highway 180 were violently opposed to it. On Saturday several of these members were part of the election to be on the Hamlin Hospital Board but they did not get enough votes. "Once again for another year we're faced with taxation without representation."

So now the Southwest Jones County Tax Payers have written up a document regarding a petition they've started. That petition needs 270 signatures to be effective and once they get those signatures they'll be sending them to the Hamlin Health Memorial Hospital.  The taxpayers are also concerned that they won't get the help they need in time, because of the distance.
"If they carried me to Hamlin, to stabilize me, which is all that they would do, that adds another 20 miles, onto that trip, so it's just a bad situation", said Flint.
We spoke with the president of the Hamlin Hospital Board and he feels a little differently than the Jones county residents.

He said, "I realize you know they're 20 miles, from this hospital, we're on one end of the county and they're on the other end, well Stamford hospital district has got the same problem." So now with their petition, the tax payers will continue to fight.
"We've been the victim for 40 years, and you can back a dog into a corner, and kick him and beat him for a while, and he'll sit there and take it, but if you keep on and on that dog's gonna come for you, they're the beater and we're the dog", said Ueckert.
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