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Ashley Griffin

Evening Producer
Credit: FOX West Texas

Who are you?

  • I am Ashley Griffin, a producer for FOX West Texas Live at 6. I have been at FOX West Texas since 2019. Before producing, I was visually enhancing shows as a broadcast director. I started my  career in news as a newspaper reporter for the Brownwood Bulletin. I credit much of my success producing and telling stories to being a native Texan and having an understanding the values of the audience.

What are your interests?

  • When not creating a newscast, I'm generally seen in some sort of book store or library. I'm an avid reader of all genres, but especially love fantasy and comic books.

What do you like about working at FOX West Texas?

  • I enjoy the room for creativity at FOX West Texas. 

What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

  • Not only do I produce and direct, but can also be heard on-air, telling stories that impact and inspire as part of the Tegna National Storytelling Program. I enjoy interviewing people of all different walks of life. My favorite interview so far was with an editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics.