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Howard College to host 'Financial Reality Check' for its students

Howard College students will have an opportunity to take part in an interactive experience in budgeting and planning for their financial futures.
Credit: Howard College San Angelo

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Howard College students will have the opportunity to participate in a "Financial Reality Check" event, hosted by the school.

From 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 18, the reality check will give students to take part in an interactive experience designed to help them budget and plan for the future, similar to the game of "Life."

Each student will choose a career with a corresponding monthly “take-home” income, whether they have health insurance provided, as well as their marital status. They’ll also play a game to identify how many children they have and their childcare expenses.

All of these factors will affect their monthly expenses including “housing,” “utilities,” “entertainment,” “groceries,” etc. They’ll be required to visit each of the expense booths and depending on their success, will receive a candy bar prize.

Members of the community have volunteered to host several of the expense booths. For example, agents from Steven Freatman Insurance will be assisting students with their insurance expenses; Sam’s Club is hosting the “grocery” booth; and Atmos Energy is helping out with “utilities.” Edward Jones Financial Advisors will also be on hand to provide guidance at the “SOS” booth if students run out of funds before the end of the simulation.

Another aspect of the event is that their “clothing” expense will lead them to the “dress for success” portion of the day that will give students an opportunity to take home new and gently-used professional clothing items.

This will kick off the opening of Howard College's “Success Closet,” that will be open to students during all regular business hours starting next week. The clothing has all been donated by faculty, staff and community members.

Every student who completes the Reality Check event will be entered into a drawing for two $100 Visa gift cards, as well as other door prizes and those who participate in “Dress for Success” will be entered to win donated JCPenny gift cards.