It’s a reboot of a classic TV show, and it’s expected to save this summer’s ticket sales.

A blast from the past is back. Director Patty Jenkins is reviving the popular ‘70s show, Wonder Woman, now turned into a film starring Gal Gadot. Before she was Wonder Woman, she was an Amazon princess named Diana. After a plane crash near her island, the princess saves the pilot – played by Chris Pine – who warns of a war that is destroying the planet. As a defender of the world, Diana decides to travel back with him, hoping to use her powers to save the world.

Wonder Woman is rated PG-13.

And now one for the kiddos! Based on the bestselling book series, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie stars comedians Kevin Hart and Ed Helms. Two rambunctious pranksters hypnotize their principal after a series of stunts. The two get him to believe he is the enthusiastic and incredibly dimwitted superhero, Captain Underpants.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is rated PG.

Wonder Woman is expected to save this summer’s box office numbers. The box office has seen a recent string of sales misses for King Arthur, Alien: Covenant and Baywatch.

Wonder Woman has already earned $11 million from Thursday’s sales and this weekend, it’s projected to earn $100 million by Sunday. The film cost the studios $165 million to make.