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Local artists are transforming the WIC building in Brownwood

"My motherhood journey started here, and I'm just excited to bless them. They work so hard," said Amanda Coers, one of the artists behind the mural.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) building in Brownwood, Texas, has been standing on East Lee Street for decades. This summer, however, it's undergoing a transformation. 

“Lisa Dick with the Health Department reached out to me. They wanted to spruce up the building a bit and make it a fun place for the community, and for families to feel very happy and welcome here," Amanda Coers, one of the artists working on the mural, said.

Coers has been braving the triple-digit temperatures this June to transform the walls of the WIC building from generic brick to bright, uplifting and inviting paintings.

 "We serve a lot of families, and it’s hard to bring a child into a building that feels very institutional. We want them to feel like it’s a place that’s fun. We want them to feel like it’s warm and welcoming," Lisa Dick, Brownwood Health Department Administrator, said. 

Among the women and families who have been served by the Brownwood Health Department/WIC, is Coers herself. 

“Twenty-two years ago, right here, was where I found out I was having my first child. I didn't even know where to begin. I came here, the lovely nurse told me the news, and I was terrified. I was a young, young woman, terrified. She was so gentle, so uplifting, and so kind to me. She gave me a ton of resources, and from there I was able to learn and grow and become a good mother for my family," Coers said.

The same family Coers started at the WIC building all those years ago now joins her in making the outside of the building match the beauty that takes place behind its walls.

"I’m just excited to bless them. They work very hard inside this building for our community, so we want to work hard for them and bless them," she said.