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Frozen 2 can't live up to the original but your kids will love it

Sequels almost never rise above the original film, but Frozen 2 at least has beautiful visuals and a great soundtrack.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Good news: Let It Go is only mentioned in Frozen 2 once. 

Bad news: Frozen 2 comes nowhere close to the magic that made the original such a surprise hit.  

But that being said, it's still Disney showing off what computer animation can really do, and will absolute dazzle you with it's snow effects and how adorable a baby lizard can be. 

The songs are great, which is no surprise. Robert and Kristen Anderson Lopez continue their quest to win every award in showbiz twice. 

No matter what I write in this review, Frozen 2 will still dominate the box office for the next two or three weeks, and your kids will beg you to take them twice. 

Luckily for adults, this is still worth a watch for the songs and eye-candy. Just don't expect to be thinking about this movie for too long afterwards.

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