Producing partners and married couple Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are the team behind the remake of Ben-Hur. The faith-based movie puts a more modern theme to show new audiences.

It hits theaters tomorrow — and Fox’s Michelle Pollino caught up with some of the movie’s stars to give us an inside look.

The new movie Ben-Hur is a remake o the 1959 Oscar-winning classic. It follows a young prince who spends years as a slave after his adopted brother accuses him of treason.

The cast, along with producers Mark Burnett and Roman Downey, talk about how this version compares with the original.

“That while being a story of revenge, this is much more a story of hope and forgiveness and redemption, and it has a very clear message I think is very relevant for our time,” Jack Huston said.

“I think these stories have the ability to stand the test of time because people don’t change that drastically. If you disrespect me, you’re cruel to me, then I will respond and react in a certain way,” Toby Kebbell said.

“You realize 50 years is the right time to pass to reimagine an old epic film,” Mark Burnett said.

Kebbell says shooting the complicated chariot scene was a highlight.

“There was real, it was real. The ambition, we wanted to be pulled around by real chariots, we didn’t have to slow down and speed up on camera, cameras are much lighter these days. We had GoPros as well as full-blown red cameras, etc, and they were attached to our chariots, and we had them on poles and, uh, yeah, we did it for real.”

And like most Burnett/Downey productions, faith plays a role.

“We have a mantra that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, and so that’s what we keep trying to do — illuminate the darkness,” Roma Downey said. “We have done that here with Ben-Hur.