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Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day? Maybe there's a compromise | Reese's Final Thought

It might be time to completely overhaul Columbus Day. Here's a solution

WASHINGTON — 2020 has been a year of reckoning for this nation. Examining our history, we’ve begun to correct historical inaccuracies passed down through generations. 

Monuments to dubious heroes have been taken down. School and street names re-thought. The contributions of the overlooked and mistreated members of our society are being recognized. 

Change is in the air and it’s a good thing. But it can be hard.

Like on Monday, October 12, Christopher Columbus Day.  The day we celebrate the man who, while looking for India, accidently fell upon this continent. Discovering a place where people, who he renamed, already lived. 

Examining his legacy, we find that he may not have been the hero that we’ve been led to believe. Look it up. 

Controversy around him has given rise to a name change: Indigenous Peoples' Day, recognized in several cities and states. Obviously, traditionalists don’t care for this, putting the two sides in conflict. 

Now, I’m here for change, but I’m also for unity, so I have a proposal: Why don’t we change the name to someone we can all get behind? Someone we all like, like Christopher Reeve, or Christopher Walken. We all love them. One was Superman, the other was great on Saturday Night Live. There's Chris Tucker who gave us Rush Hour, Friday and the criminally underrated 5th Element and who could forget Christopher Williams.

All good choices. Here's my top 5 to unify the nation.

At  No. 5, Christopher Wallace Day. He changed hip-hop and his rhythms have brought people together. Young, old, black, white, man or woman, we’ve all sang Biggie gimme one more chance.

At No. 4, Chris Evans Day. Who wouldn’t want to take a day to celebrate Captain America? You’ve already used at least one sick day to go see a premier.

No.3, How about Chris Evert Day? The Cinderella in sneakers. 18 grand slams, 157 singles titles, I’ll take a day off for that.

At No. 2, Chris Rock Day. He’s given us more to laugh at and think about than Columbus ever did.

And for my No. 1, screenwriter and film director, Chris JOSEPH Columbus. He made our childhoods great. He gave us Gremlins, Goonies, Home Alone, and the best part, the name is the same. All we have to do is change the picture in the books.

There it is people. Think about it. If you have a long weekend ahead of you, I hope you enjoy it and remember, tomorrow is World Mental Health Day, take a few moments to take care of yourself.  

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