An Abilene home improvement store has two new employees: one with two legs, another with four.

KIDY’s Lauren Wolfe was able to catch up with the pair after they’ve taken on celebrity status on social media.

A photo went viral of a man and his best friend right here at this Lowe’s location. But what makes the pair so special?

“I got her as a puppy. And she was never supposed to be a service dog. I found out a couple years ago she was alerting me and I didn’t even know it,” Clay Luthy said.

Luthy was looking for someone to hire him after his time in the Air Force.

“I was trying to figure out where I could go that would be a good fit and it wouldn’t mind having Charlotte, and my wife said I was at Lowe’s so much anyway, I might as well get a job there.”

Charlotte – a 10-year-old yellow lab – is by his side in and out of the work zone. And the man who hired them says they were perfect for the job.

“Because they were the best person for the job. So, we went through the interview process and Clay and his own merit won the job. And we knew he was gonna make a great employee – we just got the benefit of getting Charlotte right along with him,” Jay Fellers, Lowe’s human resources manager, said.

But it was this photo that hit the internet by storm. And it surprised Luthy, who can’t believe all of the attention he’s getting.

“By the time I looked at it, there was 1,000 comments on it. Oh my gosh, it was ridiculous,” Luthy said. “I found a way to have a productive life and my prescription is four-legged.”

Luthy says having a service dog has truly changed his life and more veterans should consider getting a service dog too.

And Luthy is training another service dog, Lola, to take Charlotte’s place.