Before you begin your spring projects, Steve Mild with the Tom Green Co., Office of Emergency Management encourages you to pick up the phone before you start digging or building.

“It’s a free of charge service that they provide,” says Mild.

When you dial 8-1-1 an area locater is dispatched to the area where you plan to dig or build. While they’re goal is to respond in 24-hours, Mild says that it sometimes takes longer than that.

“So, you need to plan and call ahead of time,” says Mild.

Often people think they know their property well enough, but Mild says natural decay of the Earth’s soil changes over time.

“Even though they were put in there 15 or 20 years ago, erosion and the soil settling can make that [gas or electric] line closer to the surface,” adds Mild.

For more information on 8-1-1 click, here. Or, to get in contact with Steve Mild call 325-657-4230.