The floors, the doors and the windows are all new at the Harbord Kourt Motel in Coleman.

An eyesore on the south end of town for over 15 years, the motel is getting new life thanks to Mark and Jane Price.

“We’ve done our best to resurrect the property.”

But getting to this point wasn’t easy.

“The process to put this thing back on its feet has involved -- basically like in any renovation you have to tear down and find out what you’re working with and what you’re up against.”

The Prices, who are from the Texas Hill Country, wanted to not only bring the history back to Coleman, but a little bit of their roots as well.

“The property around here is just beautiful. We have gorgeous hardwoods, we have some water, we have some rock that reminds us back of the Hill Country and home. But it’s beautiful property and, more than anything, the people are so friendly and so welcoming and we have always felt like Coleman is our second home.”

The Coleman Chamber of Commerce says they are more than happy the Prices have invested so much in the community.

“With Mark and Jane Price redoing all of that out there is so exciting. You know, to have those unique little areas out there, it’s just one more thing that we can offer in our community,” Mary Griffus, with the Coleman Chamber of Commerce, said.

The Chamber has seen growth throughout the last few years, but at this point, it’s about bringing more t than fresh new faces to town.

“They’ll be an opportunity there for the city to generate some income and just having that available for people that are visiting Coleman, that’s going to be a very unique property to stay at. And I think they’ll be very, very, very popular to our visitors,” Kim Little, with the Chamber, said.

The new and improved Harbord Kourts are expected to be done in July -- and the Prices tell me each room will be decorated in a different theme, all chosen by the residents of Coleman.