One of Kentucky’s finest is now being called a hero after she came to the aide of woman in labor on the side of a highway earlier this month.

Fox’s Lindsay Allen was there when the officer was reunited with the mom and newborn.

Her coos may be the sweetest sound, but it was a dramatic entrance into the world for baby Emma.

Norma Silliman was at her in-laws house in Sheperdsville when her water broke Monday afternoon.

So her best friend put her in the car and they started driving to University Hospital in downtown Louisville — but baby Emma couldn’t wait.

“I felt her head coming out at 18th and West Broadway.”

Blocks away from the hospital, the baby was coming. In the front seat of her friend’s Toyota Corolla.

“Lady started flashing her high beams at me and honking her horn, so I slow. she pulls up next to me and says she’s delivering a baby.”

First Division LMPD Officer Elisha Thompson didn’t have time to panic.

“I was like, ‘It’s already coming, I’ve got to do something,” Officer Thompson said.

“She just told me to pull my pants down and push,” Silliman said.

Just three pushes later and baby Emma was born.

Tuesday afterenoon, the woman who shared quite an experience were reunited.

“First child I’ve ever delivered,” Officer Thompson said.

“Hey, it’s a nice, interesting story.”

But that’s not all they share.

“I made that decision after I learned the officer’s name that delivered her.”

Baby Emma is actually named Emma Angela Elisha.

“And, you know what, you got her wish. Your first name is one of her middle names.”

“Emma Elisha, that’s so cute.”

“I appreciate her a lot, and I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart. She hoped me do the best thing that I could by delivering this one,” Silliman said.

“Nobody calls the police when they’re having a good day,” Officer Thompson said. “And it’s really nice to help somebody and bring life into the world.”