CLYDE, Texas — The nonprofit, Color Me Clyde, had a vision to add a splash of color to the City of Clyde.

"You look at the town and it just looks kind of dead and I was thinking what can we do to bring life into our town,” Founder Robbie Wilsher said.

Wilsher then had an idea for a mural, so she contacted a local artist from Abilene, Cal Johnson.

The women of Color Me Clyde got to work and raised funds for the new mural.

"We hit a lot of like walls with people telling us no, but we didn't let that discourage us,” Wilsher said.

The mural got started last fall and shows Clyde’s history.

“What people don't know is that Clyde is known for its rich soil. There used to be a lot of vineyards in Clyde and Clyde was also called little California,” Wilsher said.

A town once full of produce and home to the Burkett pecan, which originated in Callahan County. A pair of angels wings was also painted on the side of the Clyde library.

The nonprofit is currently collecting funds for another mural. They will be at the upcoming Spring Festival next weekend in the downtown Clyde pavilion.