YouTube is a place where not only music, but hip-hop specifically thrives – and where one San Angelo 10-year-old is going to make beats of his own.

“I watched beatboxing videos and watching beatboxing battles. Other stuff I learned by watching some YouTube videos.”

His name…

“I get called ‘Nate’ because another kid at my school gets called ‘Nathaniel.’”

Is Nate Highberger. He’s a kid with a love for music.

How long has he been beatboxing?”

“Around like, two or three years.”

“He’s been musically-inclined since I met the kid. He played piano when I first met him, and he was so amazing at that – even at the age of like, five,” Connor Weis, Nate’s stepfather, said.

And it all started with Nate just watching.

What got him into it?

“My dad. He tried doing it and he failed miserably, so I tried to learn.”

After a few years of beatboxing on his own, he took to the stage at his fifth grade graduation at Bonham Elementary – but he did have a request.

Of course, he put on a show.

“His mom and I were both definitely nervous and excited for him. Then we he started going, within that first five seconds, we just knew it was going to be awesome,” Weiss said.

“What you saw on the video, I was just doing straight off the top because I was super scared. I didn’t try to practice.”

Following the performance to remember, Nate’s video blew up scoring almost 7,000 hits.

if you’re wondering where his inspiration comes from Eminem is his favorite rapper and he also likes…

“I like Macklemore. He’s pretty good. I like his song ‘Downtown.’”

Aside from beatboxing, Nate does have another love. When he grows up, he wants to be…

“A wrestler. That’s going to surprise you.”

What’s more surprising is his plane to wrestle and beatbox.

“Depends on where I am. If I’m in New York, where they have the big sidewalk where street performers go, I could probably go, I could probably go over there and beatbox because I would have enough money to buy a microphone and a little speaker.”

As a beatboxer, future wrestler and a tell-it-like-it-is kind-of kid, Nate says his approach when it comes to the ladies isn’t quite ready.

“Never tried that at all. I went to a dance, and my friends said, ‘Go ask someone out.’ And I said, ‘No.’ I’m afraid of getting rejected. It’s kind-of scary.”

One thing is for sure: there’s nothing scary about Nate’s beats. More importantly, there’s nothing quite like his ability to light up a room with what he loves to do the most.