ABILENE, Texas — Nonprofit organization, Disability Resources Inc., has four new homes underway for its full-time residents.

Three homes have been on campus since 2002. The four new homes are replacing the houses established in the Abilene community. With 55 clients and approximately 40 full-time residents, the goal is to have all residents on campus.

"Currently in town today, there's a lot of shared bathrooms, and the dignity...plays a huge roll when you have somebody that's 40-years-old, sharing a bedroom with somebody that's 70-years-old,” DRI President/CEO, Kelly Young, said.

The houses are approximately five months behind due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances, but one of the homes are estimated to be completed until mid-February 2020.

"They can't walk down the street and see their buddy, but once they live out here, they can walk down the street to where their buddy lives and watch TV, play basketball,” Young said.