SWEETWATER, Texas — Sweetwater Middle School teacher, Brittany Smith, is going on her second year of teaching 6th grade social studies. Smith’s passion for teaching started many years ago.

"I wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl and I had a lot of great teachers along the way that just assured me that that was what I wanted to do because I wanted to be like them,” Smith said.

During her time in Sweetwater, Smith came up with the idea of a mentorship program called, “Thermostat” for the new school year.

“What we’re trying to do is pair these students with partners in our community just to be another voice in their cheering section, to encourage them and build them up so that they could be world changers someday,” Smith said.

Mentors will attend a meet and greet the first week of September to meet their mentee. The program will require having lunch with the mentee at least four times during the school year. There will also be workshops, held once a quarter.

"We have plans for Al's Formal Wear to come out to teach the boys how to look nice and take pride in themselves and how to look professionally and tie a tie, and those types of things,” Smith said.

Having a mentor during middle school age is an importance to Smith.

"It's such a pivotal moment in their life, a lot of growth happening, a lot of changes happening …and then today with social media and all the added voices in their head constantly, I'm very passionate about giving them a place where they can hear truth,” Smith said.

Anyone interested in becoming a mentor can find an application on the school’s website or you can stop by the front office. You can also can Smith at, Brittany.Smith@sweetwaterisd.net.