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Livestock show season underway in West Texas

Many area stock shows had to make changes to protocols because of the pandemic to continue shows on time, but still plan to have full programs.

TEXAS, USA — Livestock show season is in full swing. Many shows are either prepping or have started competitions. County shows have had to make changes in protocols because of the pandemic.

Scurry County

The Scurry County Junior Livestock Show began Thursday with the pig show, followed by the broiler show and will continue into tomorrow. The schedule is as follows:

2021 Scurry County Junior Livestock Show:

Friday, Jan. 15

7 a.m.  -  Barns open – lambs/goats/steers  

8 a.m. - Scales open – lambs/goats              

8 a.m. - In place – lambs/goats                     

11 a.m. - Goat show                                          

Noon - In place – steer                                  

Following goat show - Lamb show                                         

5 p.m. - Steer show                                          

Credit: Tosha Callaway

Scurry County Junior Livestock Show Secretary/Treasurer Tosha Callaway said this year there is a mask rule for everyone in the building, a capacity limit, the bleachers have been removed and there is more time in between categories. She said the organization and facility had to make some adjustments, but they are happy to still have a show.

“This is one of the things our community looks forward to every year, for us to even consider the thought of not having it was really tough. We definitely looked at a lot of different options, just in case the facility wasn’t available due to COVID restrictions, but this community supports these kids, especially in the livestock industry. Scurry County is one that is deeply rooted in agriculture. And so along with the community and our board of directors, I mean we were very excited to make a few changes and still have the support to have this show for the kids and we are definitely thankful to Western Texas College for working with us to help us find the best solution we can,” she said.

The show includes students from three different local schools, as well as children from the local 4-H program. Callaway said the livestock show is always very popular every year and the children that show tend to show every year and were afraid there would not be a chance to show animals this year.

“And especially for our seniors. We have some that are graduating this year that have been showing at this county stock show for 10 years, and so for the thought of them not having that final year to show was really tough,” Callaway said. “These kids work so hard all year long and some they don’t go to the major stock shows. This is their major and we want to make sure they’re rewarded for their efforts.”

Concho County

The Concho County Junior Livestock Show board of directors is prepping for the program. Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Agent Travis Bell is a man who wears many hats. He is an advisor on the board overseeing many details for the event and he oversees the 4-H participants projects.

Bell said the 4-H usually has a day where all the participants bring the animals together and clip and shear them in preparation for the show. This year, he has had to do them by family.

Bell said the organization was lucky in that the facility they use was already large enough to have the show with social distancing in place. He said the show barn was built 20 years ago when Concho County had a much larger show and the organization has seen dwindling participation through the years because of the cost associated with showing animals.

This year, the show will have an ag mechanic project competition for the first time and several Paint Rock High School are participating.

“We’re trying to find ways to help kids have their own projects even if it’s just for county, so we are exploring different options to bring more kids into this,” Bell said.

The ag mechanic project competition is slated to be first contest of the show. The schedule is as follows:

Concho County Junior Livestock Show 

Friday, Jan. 15

Noon - 3 p.m. – Ag mechanics show at First State Bank of Paint Rock

5:30 p.m. – All baked goods and photos must be turned into the extension office meeting room

  • All livestock must be in place
  • Sifting, classification and weighing of all livestock except rabbits

Saturday, Jan. 16

9 a.m. – Rabbit arrival deadline

10 a.m. – Opening ceremonies

  • Market Lamb show, commercial ewe lambs, junior and senior goat showmanship
  • Market goats, breeding goats, junior and senior goat showmanship
  • Market hog show, junior swine showmanship
  • Steer show, senior cattle showmanship
  • Rabbit show
  • Little kids show
  • Raffle
  • Barbecue

Bell said the agriculture community in Concho County is particular proud of its goats and sheep and they are popular show animals among 4-H participants.

“The sheep and goat side of things is really popular. People take a lot of pride in being able to show off their animals,” he said. “When the kids win a buckle or place in the show and they go back to school next week, they’ll tell all their friends about how they raised this animal and it just brings more advocacy to agriculture.”

Coke County

The Coke County Livestock Show began Friday morning with the steer show. Its schedule is as follows:

Coke County Livestock Show

Friday, Jan. 15

9:30 a.m. – Steer weighed and classed

11 a.m. – Steer show

1 p.m. – Hogs can begin moving into the barns

Saturday, Jan. 16

8 a.m. – Hogs weighed and classed

10 a.m. – Hog show

12:30 p.m. – Rabbits can begin to move into the barn

1 p.m. – Rabbits, sheep and goats weighed and classed

2 p.m. – Rabbit show

3 p.m. – Sheep and goat show

The Coke County Livestock Show will not serve a meal as they have in the past. There will be no concession stand or live sale this year. The barns will be closed the public and masks will be required at all times.