It’s meant to help cut down on crashes associated with texting while driving among young people.

To give you perspective, last year, there were almost 100,000 traffic crashes in Texas involving distracted driving – up three percent from 2015. More than 3,000 were seriously injured and 455 died.

These crashes were highest among drivers ages 16 to 34.

To combat this growing problem, the law office of Rick DeHoyos is offering scholarships. Students must sign a pledge to not text while driving.

“Truly believe that it is a community problem. I believe every member that lives here in San Angelo is obligated to do something about this epidemic, and it’s only going to get worse with the increase of technology, is only going to get worse,” DeHoyos said.

The campaign ends on June 15. In all, three $500 scholarships will be given out in a random drawing.