It’s an initiative to show support for those who serve in Taylor County.

“It is actually following the lead of Tarrant County to allow our people in uniform to go to the front of the lines,” County Commissioner Chuck Statler said.

It’s called “Armed Forces First.” Military members in uniform can now skip the line at county offices.

“If you’re going to the tax assessor's office to purchase license plates.”

It’s a way to not only say “thank you,” but show it.

“If a service member’s in uniform, we’re going to ask for the courtesy to let that individual go to the front of the line in respect to service to our country.”

Statler hopes other businesses in Taylor County will follow suit – and is even inviting them to do the same.

“As a veteran myself, I think that the men and women in uniform deserve the respect because they’re protecting our freedom and going into places that aren’t necessarily friendly.”

Marcus Romero said this community is always looking for new ways to support Dyess Air Force Base.

“If the community could actually take this and go with it, it’d be really nice to know, to show their appreciation for what the men and women in uniform do for them.”

This is Taylor County’s way to salute our airmen.