He’s a superhero who fights crime for real – Fort Worth Police Officer Damon Cole.

“I dress up as many different superheroes, and I travel the country in my off time seeing children with cancer and other illnesses. And I do that to give them inspiration and hope and motivation to keep fighting,” Officer Cole said.

On Saturday, Officer Cole was dressed as Batman when he received a call of shoplifting at Walmart.

Anthony Drake, with Walmart, described what Officer Cole said when he arrived on the scene.

“My Batman cape…And then I got my Iron Man mask…my Spider-Man mask,” Officer Cole said. “You know, it has to be realistic ‘cause kids don’t have a filter, so they will call you out if it doesn’t look real.”

As for the shoplifter, he was given a citation, as the DVDs he was stealing amounted to less than $100 in merchandise.