If ice cream alone isn’t enough to catch your eye in the grocery aisles, Blue Bell is introducing a flavor that's expected to grab your attention.

Despite it’s camouflage pattern.

Blue Bell is rolling out Pink Camo ’n Cream, a colorful twist on last year’s Camo ‘n Cream Ice Cream.

“Our Camo ’n Cream was inspired by the camouflage design you see on just about everything,” said Carl Breed, executive director of marketing for Blue Bell. “The flavor sold very well and we knew we were onto something. Pink camouflage is popular too, so we thought why not create an ice cream in this color pattern? We swapped the Pistachio Almond Ice Cream for Strawberry Ice Cream and Pink Camo ’n Cream was created.”

Pink Camo ’n Cream combines Strawberry Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate Ice Cream and a cream cheese ice cream swirled together in a camouflage pattern.

Camo ‘n Cream Ice Cream will also return to stores starting today, featuring a camo-inspired concoction of Pistachio Almond, Milk Chocolate and cream cheese ice creams.

According to Blue Bell, both flavors will be available in limited quantities in both half gallon and pint sizes.