All that water we use on our yard sometimes seems like a waste. What if you could help your yards beat the West Texas heat without all that extra water?

The Concho Valley Master Gardeners created a contest that’s doing just that. “Water Smart Landscape” showcases nice yards with drought-tolerant plants and water conservation efforts in place.

Each month, a winner is chosen by the program and they are awarded a prize.

A local landscape artist helped this month’s winners’, Floyd and Jan Petitt, bring their vision to life – and now everything is a little easier.

“You don’t have to worry about doing any lawn maintenance, you know. It’s done. This is what I wanted – very low, low maintenance. He can come out and turn on the drip system, and that’s all he has to do.”

“Because we live in West Texas, I want to help people understand they can enjoy being outdoors, regardless of the amount of water they can or cannot put on their plant material,” Chris Mcainnon, the owner of Scapes Artistry, said.

You can nominate yourself or a neighbor by completing a form online at