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Financial infidelity can strain a couple's holiday joy

A marriage counselor spoke to our Sidney Timmer about how hiding purchases and money from spouses can damage a relationship

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Financial infidelity is when one partner tries to hide or conceal purchases or money issues from their partner. This is common in marriages, says Director of Concho Valley Biblical Counseling Director Donald Moon, especially when in more than 50% of marriages, the number one complaint or reason to argue, stems from finances.

Moon said when this dishonesty enters a relationship, it can cause a major strain on the couple. He advised if one spouse has already committed financial infidelity, it is best to bring it to light because whatever is left in the dark will continue to grow and cause more issues long term.

As for avoiding the temptation, Moon said that a couple needs to come together to create a budget, which is important to think of not as restrictions, but rather demanding money go towards needs. He also said it would help the finances and the intimacy if couples go holiday shopping together. It bonds spouses and assures that they will stay accountable. Lastly, it is important to keep an open conversation about money in the marriage, so all parties are aware of the situation.