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San Angelo gardening program uses only rainwater

People Plant Connection wants to teach children about water conversation and the importance of gardening with program.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Rain almost seems scarce in West Texas, and when it does pour, it often more than we can handle.

However, all the rainfall is a key factor to one group who uses it not just to water plants, but a teaching tool about water conversation.

"We have 3,000-gallon rain tanks," People Plant Connection President Susan Stanfield said. "One inch of rain brings 1,400 gallons of water."

Along with water conservation, Stanfield is building a children's garden with the help of a grant from the San Angelo Area Foundation.

The garden is going to go together with water conversation and teach children how the importance of gardening.

Stanfield wants to children to understand where their food comes from and wants to see them grow along with the plants, they help nurture.

Her goal is helping these children grow up and be able to become more independent.

"Our hope is to get kids out and garden," Stanfield said. "A lot of kids don't know where their food comes from, and so we want to teach them that."

The gardening and water program has already received recognition from the Texas Water Development Board.

She wants to continue to push her program even further soon starting with a water conservation seminar.

"Gardening doesn't get one particular group it gets everybody," Stanfield said.

Stanfield has no immediate plans, but she has some ideas she wants to push forward next year.