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West Texas agencies in desperate need of foster parents

Children placed in the care of the Texas Department of Family Services are being relocated to other areas because of the lack of foster homes in their home state.
Credit: Esmeralda Perez

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Foster care is a temporary service provided by states for children who cannot live with their families. Just last year, there were almost 50,000 children placed in foster care in Texas. 

The process of fostering a child can take anywhere from three-six months on average. Although each agency is different, some of the basic requirements to qualify for foster parent placement is to be at least 21 years or older, have a regular source of income and no criminal history. 

According to the Texas Department of Protective Services, CPS may remove children from their homes if it believes children have been abused or neglected or are at risk of future abuses and they need to be removed for their protection.

Since January, Methodist Children’s Home in Abilene has had 10 adoptions and currently have 10 children under their care. MCH provides training and licensing through Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation.  

MCH requires all parents looking to foster to have their homes licensed before they are able to bring a child home. 

“We get calls for kids for placement multiple times a day, there is a huge need for foster homes and we are only able to foster those children that we have spots in foster homes,” director of family outreach-Abilene, Alanna “Maggie” Brennan, said. 

Children’s Hope is a foster care service in San Angelo in need of foster parents, as well.

“Right now there is definitely a shortage for foster parents and there is definitely a need for people to foster and take in these kids. Although there are three hundred children in DFPS custody, 74 percent of them are having to go to other areas because of the lack of foster homes,” Children’s Hope of San Angelo Area Director, Rebeka Sample, said. 

There will be a free community event to learn more about foster care and partnering agencies from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct.3, at The Bosque, 330 S. Irving St., in San Angelo.