In a busy world, a drive-thru often serves as one big dinner table for a lot of people who’ve never met.

But at the Scottsburg McDonald’s on Sunday night, strangers became family.

“Something like this – somebody’s got to know about this.”

Hunter Hostetler watched it all unfold.

It started with a Mickey D’s regular.

“She saw a dad in the van behind her. He had like, four kids in the car, he had a bunch of Happy Meals, two Quarter Pounders, a Big Mac meal and some other stuff. She was like, ‘I’m going to pay for the dad behind me, and I want you to tell him Happy Father’s Day,’” Hostetler said.

But that dad didn’t just take the free meal and run.

“He paid for two cars behind him.”

Three cars paying it forward became 10. Ten became 100.

“I had people telling me, ‘No, it’s going to stop here. It’s going to stop at 100. You’re not going to make it past.’”

From 8:30 to midnight, the good deeds under the Golden Arches didn’t stop.

“End of the night at closing, 167 cars. Unbelievable.”

“I thought it was pretty amazing. You don’t see a lot of pay it forwards anymore,” Abby Smith said.

Smith and her boyfriend were car 161. Hunter’s manager are 105.

“I’ve seen it happen before, but not to that extent.”

“Probably anywhere in the world, something like this just doesn’t happen,” Hostetler said.

And when it’s in a community already getting a bad wrap for a drug epidemic, stories like these make all the difference in the world.

“It’s a great feeling to know that there’s a lot of great people out there still,” Smith said.

It pays to give back – a super-sized lesson in life in the drive-thru in McDonald's.