A sunny Saturday in Platte Ridge Park was the perfect place for a quiet a pit-stop.

“Each one of these men grew up on a tractor.”

Quiet for a little while – but trying having a conversation over the roar of 22 tractors!

Almost two dozen tractor owners drove their restored pieces of history through a 40-mile stretch of the Northland.

“Everybody smiles. You wave at folks, they wave back. They love the tractors, and every tractor has its own story.”

“At 15 miles per hour, you can kind-of look the country over. At 70 miles an hour in a car, you don’t see anything except the car in front of you.”

While the ride was leisurely and the day was fun, the reason behind the cruise was much more serious.

“PTSD is one of those diseases that will attack you when you’re not looking at it. It’s debilitating.”

Lenny Hill says this is the first-ever American Legion Tractor Cruise in the country. They rode to raise money to give veterans service dogs to help them cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – something many military members battle.

“We’re just here trying to do our part to help this program and advance this process.”

While many of these men are veteran themselves, they were giving back to a new generation by taking a look back in time.

“Most of us grew up on farms. The tractor in front of me was my dad’s. This one was mine…Just a bunch of guys that have got tractors that like to get out and parade them.”