Halfmann's Cake Cottage is a bakery in San Angelo, Texas, that offers unique cake, cookie and cupcake options.

If you are a person with a sweet tooth, this bakery has you covered.

"We specialize in fancy decorated cakes as well as pies and cookies," Earl Mulley, owner of Halfmann’s Cake Cottage, said.

Mulley never thought he would own a bakery, because he's always worked in restaurants and has seen much success from cooking. He used to own a restaurant in town; and was the main chef for Dallas Cowboys home games.

"The sad part was that it was a time where they never made it to playoffs," he said.

Halfmann’s has been open since 1982, but Mulley bought the place in 2015, after Mrs. Halfmann announced she was ready to retire.

"She was making cakes out of her homes for many years," he said.

On the menu, you'll find many sweet treats. Halfmann's is well-known for their meringue pies and classics such as iced tea cakes and melt-aways.

"They are a sugar cookie dipped in milk icing and shortbread cookies dipped in cream cheese icing," Mulley said.

Another dessert Halfmann's is known for are cupcakes. The store offers a wide variety of options from classic vanilla to unusual options.

"Margarita, piña colada and Almond Joy, just to name a few," he said.

I tried the tequila cupcake, which of course, is a secret recipe. However, I can tell you that there is tequila in the cake and margarita mix in the icing

"You look and go through this process,” he said. “We see what we can do to make it change and make it different."

Whether it's pies or lemon bars, Mulley continues to offer desserts that satisfy many. Even though he is the owner now, the recipes are still Mrs. Halfmann's. He always wants to pay homage to the O.G. 

"I still get people coming in saying Mrs. Halfmann made my wedding cake 50 years ago," he said.

Halfmann's doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Mulley hopes to continue offering unique menu options and never moving away from its number one goal - quality.

"You are not going to find it anywhere else,” he said. “If you are looking for good, homemade stuff we are it," he said.

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