A foundation has been established to make sure every girl feels like a princess.

It’s called the “Believe in Yourself” campaign and it was started by Us Trendy, a company launched in 2008 and described as a fashion e-commerce marketplace where designers list their products for sale.

The site has become the largest independent fashion e-commerce site in the world, and the new initiative -- which was started last year -- donates dresses to underprivileged girls to wear to school dances and similar events across the country.

Sam Sisakhti, the founder of Us Trendy and Believe in Yourself, explains.

“So, I started going into low-income areas and just dropping off a box of dresses. I wouldn’t even say who I was – people were joking, calling me the Santa Claus delivering dresses,” Sisakhti said.

If you are interested in having them come to your city or know young women in need, you can go to BelieveInYourself.org.