France said, “non, merci” to outdoor plastic eating utensils in an effort to be more eco-friendly earlier this week.

France is enacting a new measure to ban plastic cutlery, plates and cups — even for use in outdoor events, such as picnics.

The ban — which follows a move in July against plastic bags — also means coffee machines won’t churn out plastic cups from as well.

It’s part of an effort that began last month after France hosted a landmark conference on global warming.

Manufactures of those disposables will have until 2020 to comply with an order to make sure all such products are made of biologically-sourced materials and can be composted.

France is hoping its efforts will push its image as a more eco-friendly country, and many French people seem to agree with the move. Some other countries and some U.S. states have also enacted similar measures.

Opponents to the new efforts say the rules will hurt consumers and the measures are not consistent with European Union rules on the free movement of goods.