GREENSBORO, N.C. — On Sunday, "Hair Love" won the Oscar for best animated short film.

Writer and director Matthew A. Cherry said he created the film because he wanted to see more representation in animation and that he wanted to normalize black hair.

At a time where states are just now implanting laws like the CROWN Act to stop hiring discrimination based on hair, it matters.

At a time where black girls and women are finally embracing the fact that their hair is beautiful just as it grows out of their head, it matters.

I wear wigs on air, not because I hate my hair or because someone told me I needed to, but because it's easier.

It's easier for me to put on my "hair hat" as I call it than deal with what's underneath.

That's partially because for so long growing up, I was made to feel that my natural hair wasn't beautiful.

I straightened my hair because my kinks were seen as messy or unprofessional.

My natural curls weren't as celebrated as could be now in today's climate.

For you, it may not be a big deal that "Hair Love" won an Oscar, but for me and the millions of women and girls who look like it me it matters.

Hair is just as important as anything else. 

So to have an animated story focusing on the love for natural hair paired with a father-daughter relationship is something beautiful.

Seeing yourself reflected on the screen means so much more when it's been absent for so long.

Now, the younger generation can see our natural hair is more than enough.

You are more than enough.

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