The Halloween Spirit pop-up superstore at Tanforn Mall is where a full-blown fantasy frenzy will be on this weekend.

Manager Kenny Dorr knows what’s hot for Halloween.

“Suicide Squad and Deadpool, the new movies that just came out. That’s really popular with adults, kids, a lot of people, yeah,” Dorr said.

Here you can pretty much be who or what you want to be — if only for a day. Even if you’re a full-grown adult, according to consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow.

“It used to be this kind-of fun holiday for kids, it’s really about the adults. Half of adults dress up for Halloween now. Half.”

Because of that, Yarrow says in the past decade, Halloween costume spending has rocketed from $5 billion a year to almost $9 billion.

“As adults now, we have more parties where we dress up too and have fun. So, it’s definitely much more than just a kid event. I think we’re all kids at heart and we just want to have fun as long as we can,” Diane Martin said.

This is especially true — get this — in election years!

“Believe it or not, adult participation in Halloween goes up 12 to 18 percent during election years. I think people just need a release,” Yarrow said.

“There’s been so much about them in the news and it’s all kind-of negative. So, I think this is a good way to not think about it for a little bit before the election comes up,” Martin said.

Well, that is an interesting theory, so we thought we would put it directly to the candidates themselves.

“We have a lot of different things for the election and a lot of it is going out fast,” Dorr said.

And Halloween is now an important marker for the end of the year.

“I see it like a kick-off of the fun part of the year,” Dorr said.

“Once Halloween is over, yeah, it’s like, ‘Let’s get serious for the holidays,’” Martin said.

But for now, a little less serious is so happily apropos.