After over 20 years of abuse and several owners, the Laguna Hotel is finally getting the love it deserves.

“Two years ago, we started a conversation with an investment firm out of Kansas City, Missouri, and what they do is take old hotels – primarily hotels – and restore them, historically restore them,” John Diers, executive director of the Cisco Development Corporation, said.

The Laguna Hotel was, at one point, one of the nicest hotels in West Texas. But now, it’s being turned into something new.

“It’s going to create 30 new apartment units in that building, and they’re also going to build 10 new apartment units offsite,” Diers said.

Not only is the revamping of the Laguna providing housing, it’s also going to help local businesses.

“Anytime you bring life somewhere, it’s a positive,” Sean Grose, with Waverly’s Coffee and Gifts, said.

Grose has been in Cisco for five years and said part of Cisco’s charm is its history. He said he’s glad the Laguna is being brought back to life, while keeping its historical grandeur.

“If you’re driving in from my direction, you see it. And so, bringing it back to its old glory is kind-of a thing that we do in Cisco.”

Diers said that the renovations at the Laguna Hotel should be done within about a year-and-a-half, and they are more than excited to see the end result.