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'Hocus Pocus,' 'Rocky Horror,' 'Scream' and more: Here are WFAA's favorite Halloween movies

What's your favorite scary movie?

DALLAS — What's your favorite scary movie? It's that time of year again for spooks, tricks, treats, thrills and chills, and everyone's got their favorite scary movie to watch as Halloween approaches.

The WFAA digital team took a newsroom poll asking people about their favorite Halloween movies — or favorite movies to watch in the fall, if you're not into being spooked. Here are the results, edited for length and clarity. 

The original "Halloween" flick was the favorite, but the team also gave a variety of other answers. Check out the WFAA team's answers below, and be sure to tell us your favorite Halloween movie on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ryan Wood, executive producer of innovation: "My favorite movie to watch during the fall is 'Rocky Horror Picture Show.' The original! A cult classic with catchy music, over-the-top acting, and audience interaction! Who doesn't love a movie where you're encouraged to yell ridiculous, arguably inappropriate phrases at the screen?! I watch it every year."

Available to stream on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Roku.

Jake Harris, digital producer: 'Scream.' That opening sequence is an all-time classic, and I like how the movie comments on horror movies as a whole, while also being a great horror movie. I'm excited to see where the new movie goes!"

Available to stream on Fubo, AMC+, DirecTV and Pluto TV.

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Nicole Waivers, executive producer: "'Hocus Pocus' is one of my favorite Halloween movies. I think I know all the words. Plus the music is great! 'I put a spell on youuuu-ou! And now, you're mine!'"

Available to stream on Disney+.

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Eline de Bruijn, digital producer: "Probably 'Paranormal Activity' or 'The Conjuring,' because they seemed "real" or "based on true stories" when I first watched them so they really got to me. I saw them both in theaters and there's nothing like watching a scary movie in a theater! I definitely went to sleep with the lights on."

"Paranormal Activity" is available to stream on Starz, DirecTV and Spectrum on Demand. "The Conjuring" is available to stream on HBO Max and Netflix.

Lauren Curtis, news producer: "Halloween" (1978). Michael Myers is the epitome of terrifying. He's powerful, slow (mostly) but always on the right path (somehow), and downright creepy. His massive appearance with that dirty white mask is just unsettling! Oh, and he never dies. Hence why we STILL have the movie franchise going until 2022! But what I really love about the movie that started a horror culture, and inspired Friday the 13th -- no blood! Yep, no blood. Also, the budget was so low for this movie, which was cast and directed by a 'family' of misfits, but it STILL created much of the slasher culture there is today.

"And as far as favorite movies to watch in the fall: "'Practical Magic.' Enough said."

"Halloween" is available to stream on Fubo, Shudder, IndieFlix, Spectrum on Demand, DirecTV, AMC+, Hoopla, Redbox and Roku. "Practical Magic" is not currently available to stream, but can be rented online.

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Jay Wallis, reporter: "Halloween" (1978). And as far as favorite movies to watch in the fall: "Inception. Good any time of the year."

"Inception" is available to stream on HBO Max.

Sean Giggy, reporter: "I'm a sucker for the original 'Saw' movie. The rest of the franchise got out of hand, but the first one was so well done for a low-budget film."

Available to stream on Peacock, Fubo, Starz, DirecTV and Spectrum on Demand.