SAN ANGELO, Texas — As weird as that sounds, in Texas, it is possible.

This past weekend, a 12-year-old boy in Fort Worth sold his steer for $300,000 at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. 

What was so special about the cow? Nothing, actually.

Buyers at rodeos in Texas aren't spending thousands of dollars because they really like the livestock. It would be more accurate to say they really like the students.

The money that students, no matter what age, make selling livestock at the stock shows goes towards their college funds.

"This is how kids get money to go to school. It's kind of how they get their college funds started. That's how they pay for school, and it's kind of a way to help them avoid student loans and anything like that in the future," Brittni Allderman, San Angelo's Stock Show & Rodeo livestock director, said.

Since 1987, the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Foundation's scholarship has helped more than 170 students attend college.

Not only does the foundation's scholarship help local students attend college, but Allderman also said that the experience of raising livestock for the show teaches them lessons that not even a degree could teach them. 

"They learn responsibility, they are able to know what it's like to take care of something, and work really hard for something...they're learning communication skills and responsibilities. All of those things are going to help them in the long run," she said.

The San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Premium Sale will be held Saturday, Feb. 15, in the Gandy Ink Sales Pavilion.