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How to avoid scams in West Texas after storms

With some still recovering from the storm that hit weeks ago, it's important to protect your pocketbook.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — West Texas has seen nothing but rain falling from the skies in past couple of days. For many people, they are lucky to have a roof over their heads to keep them safe and dry. However, some are still recovering from the storm that hit weeks ago.

Many homeowners should now be on the lookout for roofing scams, and people who are just looking to make a quick profit. 

"You'll have people take up roofing that have never done roofing," Better Business Bureau Glenna Friedrich said. "They'll try to cut their prices to the prices to come in cheaper than some of the bigger roofers."

Friedrich explains during rough weather days, you will see a lot of people from out of town come, looking for work.

It’s important to never feel pressured into signing a contract if you do not feel comfortable. Friedrich wants the community to know if you do have roof damage, the first thing you should do is talk to your insurance company, and never have a roofer speak to your insurance company. 

"You want to deal with your insurance agent yourself, and you are the customer to the insurance agent," Friedrich said. "You have a business relationship with that agent and your roofer is not a part of that."

The reason you do not want a roofer to speak to your insurance company is because they will charge you what the insurance would pay. Friedrich points out this will not be the last time West Texas will see rain and storms, and people should remember to ask for three estimates. 

"Your house is the biggest thing you own most consumers who buy a house, that's the largest purchase they'll make," Friedrich said. "You need to get three estimates you don't want to just turn somebody loose because it can turn into a mess and a nightmare."

Friedrich encourages everyone it is okay to double or even triple check someone to make sure their business is legit.