Shamir Quinones joined the Fox family earlier this year, leaving behind family and loved ones. Since his departure, two major hurricanes (Irma and Maria) left damage back home.

Quinones says that communication is difficult as the island still remains without power. He shared video with us, sent in by his mother-in-law, showing knee-deep water in the garage and outside the home.

Even after two devastating hurricanes, Quinones says that his family is not likely to leave the island after living there for so many years because they prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

"The good thing about (Hurricane) Irma, every emergency setup was in place for what could happen, " he says, "and it did happen."

But Maria was able to a lot more damage, he adds. Water crept into locations, inside and outside the home, that weren't there with Irma which made this storm a lot more expensive than Irma.