SAN ANGELO, Texas — Social distancing continues to impact the lives of people daily. Hospitals are seeing new patients and protocols, while making sure everyone is staying healthy.

During this time it is not just people who are trying to stay healthy, but also pets.

North Bentwood Veterinary Hospital Veterinarian Zachary Schulze said he and his team have news rules in place that were suggested by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

"We're doing a curbside service where we go out to the animal and bring them inside to minimize contact," Schulze said. "Whichever staff member goes out, they have a mask on, spray down and completely disinfect when they come in."

He and his team also have implemented a "two team" rule to lower the number of people in the office and to practice social distancing.

"If one team member becomes sick and that whole team becomes quarantined," Schulze said. "Whereas there are other team is able to go on and take shifts where one team comes in one day, one team comes in another day."

Schulze does not know too much information about what happens if a pet does contract COVID-19, and does not want to spread false information. However, he does encourage pet owners to make sure their pets are taken care of daily.

"Keep them healthy, keep them all clean and up to date on all that their medical care," Schulze said.

The new rules have some people a little worried because they want to be with their pet during any medical procedure, but the community has been understanding.

"We've had some mixed feelings about it for the most part," Sshulze said. "The community has been really understanding, real welcoming and for the most part everybody has been great."

Schulze knows these times are stressful and understands the love between a pet and owner.

"I would say love them dearly and enjoy them you know they're someone that can be there for you and love you unconditionally," Schulze said.

He said everyone even during this time the clinic is open to make sure every pet is taken care of.