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Over-sharing on social media

Body language expert, Blanca Cobb talks about sharing too much of your life on social media.

We see all kinds of social media posts. Celebrations. Congratulations. Vacations. Photos of family, friends, and pets. We also see posts where some people talk about personal situations like losing jobs, homes, family chaos, and bad blood with others.

For some people, it’s cathartic to share what’s happening in their lives. Sometimes, it helps them process the situation. Other times it’s finding out that they aren’t alone or that others aren’t alone dealing with a similar situation, particularly if they have solutions. And for some people, they’d like someone else’s perspective of what’s going on. And others may want support. And some people don’t think that’s oversharing. 

If people don’t respond to your posts as you’d like, then you might not feel that people care about you. If you count sympathy and understanding by the number of likes or comments, then you might be disappointed.

Realize that your post isn’t going to hit home for everyone. There will be people who will sympathize and reach out and check on you. And there will be critics who might think that you’re attention-seeking or that you’re doing it for some nefarious reason. Some people aren’t going to care. Maybe people aren’t sure what to say or how to respond to your post. When you post, post without any expectations, then you won’t be disappointed. Remember to post only for yourself.

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