Back in March of 2016, Target rolled out a deal to provide each store with a “Caroline’s Cart” – a specialized cart for kids or adults with disabilities.

Any store could purchase the carts – and recently Abilene has hopped on board.

The store’s team leader, Tina Miller, says she sees a change in her customers.

“We have several guests that have special needs children, or special needs actually adults too, that will come in and utilize the carts and it helps with their shopping,” Miller said.

Miller says customers would request a Caroline’s Cart.

“At first, when the carts originally came out, we had the option on whether we wanted them for our store or not,” Miller said.

The story behind these wheels is a moving one. According to Target’s corporate page, a mother in Alabama founded the cart in 2008 to help her daughter, who had Rett Syndrome.

Miller says the cart lets the children or adults look at their loved ones, which helps calm them down.

Customers are so pleased with this idea that they have sent letters to Target Corporate praising the Abilene location.

“It felt great. It felt great. We always want to make sure we take care of our guests, and we were very happy that we have it for them,” Miller said.

Right now, Abilene’s Target has one of these specialized carts – but Miller says if customers request more, they will provide them.