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Texas grocery chain lending a helping hand to food banks across the state

Two West Texas food banks will be among those receiving help from H-E-B's Summer of Giving initiative.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Arguably, the most famous Texas grocery chain is helping out food banks across the state.

H-E-B is launching its Summer of Giving initiative. The company will automatically donate a portion of proceeds from every customer transaction that includes at least one H-E-B brand item from July 29-Sept. 8.

Some of those proceeds will be coming to West Texas - helping the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank in San Angelo, as well as the Food Bank of West Texas in Abilene.

"There is a leak in the pipeline, the food supply pipeline, because before the pipeline was full and warehouses were full," Concho Valley Regional Food Bank Executive President Lee Pipkin said. "Since COVID hit, everything is kind of stripped the shelves."

The reason behind the leak in the pipelines, according to Pipkin, is there continues to be an uptick in food bank users, many of them being first-time users. However, with the help of H-E-B and its customers, many of the pipelines leading into West Texas will be able to stock the shelves at the food banks.

Food Bank of West Texas President Ronnie Kidd is feeling the uptick in demand, and is grateful for the additional aid.

"Every time that we have a new opportunity, it just helps us know that we will have more to work with to continue to source food," Kidd said.

The goal is still the same for both food banks. Pipkin and Kidd want to make sure the community has a warm meal to eat, and food should not be a worry in a person’s everyday life.

"We're just excited to be able to provide this product to people and to give them hope, to give them the opportunity to go another day down the road," Pipkin said.

The main goal H-E-B is trying to reach is $2 million, and with $2 million it will equal 20 million food donations.