Tim Tebow. As if he wasn’t famous enough already, the guy now has a bill named after him.

"The Tim Tebow Bill" is designed for home-school students to be able to participate in public high school sports. The bill is back before the Texas legislature, making Texas one of the latest states pushing for the bill.

It is nicknamed after former NFL athlete Tebow as he played football for a local Florida public high school while being schooled at home.

San Angelo Saints, a home-school sports program, helps local students stay involved in the sports they most enjoy.

Saints Coach Chris McEntire said, “I’m for the Tim Tebow bill, but not in its current state."

The bill mandates a certain standardized test score for home school students to play with public high schools.

"I would remove the standardized testing because that isn’t even a requirement for public school kids," McEntire said.

If the bill is passed in Texas, it would impact more than 350,000 students.

A Saints athlete and home-schooled student, Mason James, said, "Personally, I like the idea, but it all comes on what sports you want to play."

Another Saints athlete and home-schooled student, Nicole Harper, said, "Home-schoolers are their own group and everything -- it would be cool to be included."

"The home-school parents pay their taxes, and they should have the right to be able to access the [Univeristy Interscholastic] system to give their children a great educational opportunity and experience," Texas Senator Van Taylor said.

Jennifer McEntire, a home-school mother, said, "Most of the kids I know are for the Tebow Bill being passed and most of the parents I know personally are against it."

Twenty-five other states currently have laws that allow home school students to participate in public school sports.

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